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Oct 22

Event Countdown:
-8 days until Fil Fest 2017!

Tinikling Hero Challenge

tinikling hero challenge
Come join us at Fil Fest where you could be part of history. We are going to break the Guinness World Record for most Tinikling dancers at one time!

Tinikling Requirements

  • 4-6 Team members
  • Super hero costumes
  • 2 Bamboo/PVC Sticks (5 foot)
  • $10 Registration
  • Bring rhythm with your smiles

What you Get

  • T-shirt
  • Bib (dancer number)
  • Be a part of an historical Guiness World Record attempt
  • Also free lessons Tuesday October 10 at Philippine Cultural Center

What is Tinikling Dancing

Tinikling is a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance.

How did it Originate?

tikling birdTinikling is a Filipino folk dance which was created in Leyte, an island in Visayas (middle main island) and it was inspired by the elegant movement of “tikling” birds as they moved between grass stems, pranced over tree branches and deftly dodged bamboo traps of rice farmers.

The music emanates from the “rondalla” music which is serenade type in nature from string instruments.

Two performers create the rhythm with bamboo sticks as one to four dancers skillfully skip in and out while moving to the constant beat which oftentimes changes its intensity.

This cultural dance is taught in schools throughout the United States to enhance hand-eye coordination and is often seen at Filipino celebrations.

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