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Our event is on OCT 2, 2021!
14 days until Fil Fest 2021!

Filipino Art Showcase Information and Application


FilFest USA is seeking high-quality artists and artisans to showcase at the 5th Anniversary Filipino American Festival, or FilFest USA 2019. Filipino and Filipino American artists and artisans of all visual art and craft media are invited to apply. This year we will be showcasing our first FilAm Art Showcase to celebrate our fine arts and crafts community. Artists also have the option of purchasing a vendor table, which is a separate application with different prices and requirements.

Art Gallery Application Process:

  1. Read the complete prospectus for the Art Showcase.
  2. Download and complete the FilFest USA Artist Application form.
  3. Upon completion, email the form and 3-5 high-resolution images (300 dpi, max. 2 MB each) of your work to Only one image per 2D work, and up to two images per 3D work.
  4. Your email should contain the following attachments: 1 completed application and jpg images.

Please do not send more than ONE email. There is no application fee, but a $50 showcase fee is required if you are accepted and commit to participating.


  • Deadline to apply is September 30
  • Applying before deadline is preferred
  • Notification of acceptance is October 07
  • If accepted, showcase fee due by October 14

Application Fee: FREE
Showcase Fee: $50
Showcase Space:
FilFest USA 2019 takes place outdoors. The showcase will be inside a walled tent.

Showcase Artists will receive notification via email of setup and breakdown times, as well as other details before the festival.

Electricity is available.

Artists are responsible for transportation, as well as set-up and break-down of their displays each day. Artists must provide any special display walls or pedestals, although the committee is in the process of obtaining outdoor display walls. Each artist will have limited space, approximately 6 ft wide.

General Information:

Deadline to apply is September 30, 2019.

FilFest USA is not responsible for damage caused while your work is on premises. Artists need to have insurance and must either remain near their work, or have someone remain nearby during festival hours.

Photographs submitted as part of the vendor application may be used for promotion if application is approved and paid for.

The festival’s primary objective is for artists to showcase a sample of their art. If an art piece is sold, artists are responsible for their own transactions and keep all proceeds of their sales. The festival and committee take no commission for sales. For artists who may want to showcase a larger variety of art, a vendor table option is available.

Cancellations and refunds: Once your Gallery Fee is received, it cannot be refunded. If you cannot participate in the show for any reason, please contact Melody at as soon as possible.

All work displayed must be original, created and executed by the displaying artist’s or artisan’s own hand and of professional quality.

Ineligible items include items made with commercially available molds or patterns or any item produced commercially or by anyone other than the artist. No representatives or dealers may show. Artists bringing ineligible items to the show will be asked to remove them.

Artists violating the rules of this show will not be permitted to exhibit.

By submitting an application, you agree to these terms.

Download Application

Art Showcase Application

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