Today is:
May 25

Event Countdown:
-216 days!

Agenda for 2-Day Event

Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcoming :: VIP Delegate Ron Villanueva
Prelude Music :: Antolin Family
National Anthem :: Rinna Parilla Garcia
Lighting of the Parol :: Marilou Huling
Filipino Folk Dance :: School of Creative & Performing Arts
Folk Song Medley :: Antolin Family, San Lorenzo De Manila Choir
Vocal Performance :: Cristelle & Paola Camarillo
Line Dance :: DJ Mario
Comedian :: Chris Turnage
Singkil Filipino Dance :: YFAMD
Vocal Performance :: Rinna Parilla Garcia
Vocal Performance :: Kaydee Tadeo
Line Dance :: DJ Mario

Saturday, October 22, 201616

Flag Ceremony
Guest Speakers & VIP
Tallwood High/Sister Cities
Fashion Show
SCAPA Grand Performance
Vocal Performance :: Jennifer Alviar & Mr. Pogi -Mateo Rogers
Vocal Performance :: Desiree Gavino
Vocal Performance :: Rina Parilla Garcia
Cultural Island Dancing :: Halau Kahealani
Diverse Dance Studio
Vocal Performance :: Leilani Kabigting
Vocal Performance :: Veronica Zamora
Filipino Folk Dance :: PACAS
Vocal Performance :: Larissa Conza
Vocal Performance :: Cristelle and Paola Camarillo
Singkil Dance :: PACAS
Vocal Performance :: Kaydee Tadeo
Tinikling Variations :: MIGRANT,YoYo, SCAPA,YFAMD
Cultural Island Dancing :: Halau Kahealani (Diverse Dance)
Zumba :: Filipno Zen
Pandango Sa Washi Was Variation :: SCAPA,YFAMD,YoYo
Maglalatk & La Jota :: YFAMD Diverse Dance Studio
Filipino Hip-Hop Dance :: YFAMD
Applied Martial Arts Academy
Illuminated and Fire Dance :: Halau Kahealani/Aloha Sway
Vocal Performance :: Jennifer Alviar & Mr.Pogi Mateo Rogers
Comedian :: Rex Navarette
Band :: Simple Blend


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