Today is:
Sep 17

Our event is on OCT 26-27, 2019!
39 days until Fil Fest 2019!

Welcome to Fil Fest USA!!

Do you love lumpia? Can you eat a handful of them at a time? Come join us at FilFEST USA and compete to see if you have what it takes!!

Fil Fest 2019 is looking for your support.  Have fun with our staff members, get behind scenes, or just volunteer your time if you love to help out the community and it's entertainment scene.  Many thanks!

Fil FEST USA 2019

What's happening in 2019? Well I am glad you asked. This year's theme is #FAM ("Film, Arts and Music"). We will be show casing some of our biggest players in the area. Do you love movies? Do you love art?  Everyone sings in the shower or dances in the kitchen.... so I know you love music! Stay tuned to find out who. So come join us at Rudee Loop on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th.



Food, Family, and Fun at FilFest!

Looking for a FUN event to go to in October? Check out Fil Fest USA!! >>It's a free festival that highlights and celebrates Phillipino culture!! >>There's going to be Food, Dancing, Vendors, Music, and so much more! >>Check it out October 14th right here in Hampton Roads. Sponsors are welcome too!! Get in on the opportunity for exposure! >>Visit their website at

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Read the article titled 11 US Cities that Feel Like International Destinations and find out how this event has changed the outlook of Virginia Beach!

Special Welcome from Rudee Loop

Rudee Loop of Virginia Beach is thrilled to host Fil Fest USA festival. This event is brought to Rudee Loop by Beach Events and the City of Virginia Beach.

Read more about our local vendors.

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