Today is:
Aug 18

Our event is on OCT 6, 2018!
48 days until Fil Fest 2018!


Volunteer registration is now open. We need with trash, Miss Fil Fest pageant, the Hero Challenge, Whova, and other tasks. The little things are what matter. We would appreciate any help at any time that you can give. Cheers!!

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  Volunteer Rotation Miss FilFest Pageant Tikinling Hero Challenge
10-14-2017 11am-1pm FULL
10-14-2017 1pm-3pm FULL
10-14-2017 3pm-5pm FULL
10-14-2017 5pm-7pm
10-14-2017 7pm-9pm
10-14-2017 9pm-11pm

Got Perks?

Perks are being determined as we speak... but it will be worth your time:)

We politely ask you to wear all yellow top. Many thanks!

Prep Time

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift starts and stay 15 minutes after your shift ends for overlap. Communication and information sharing will make things run smoothly and efficiently. Note: your 2 hour time slot will be rotatable.


When starting or ending your shift, report to Edwina or Allen Bergano.

photo of Edwina

Under 18?

If you are volunteering and under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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