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March 27

Our event is on October 08 & 09, 2022!

Vendors: Forms, Information, and Downloads

These documents are to determine the pricing and guide lines for all vendors for Fil Fest 2022, a 2-day event, required by the Mount Trashmore. There are options for you to consider for your review. Please download fill out, scan and email. All business vendors must have a valid Business License no exceptions.


A vendor form is required for each individual, business or organization (including non-profits) that is selling merchandise or product awareness.

W9 Forms (pdf)


These forms are required for each Food Vendor-restaurant or Food Truck, that is providing or selling food or beverages at this event. Food vending held on the City of Virginia Beach public property must be inspected by the health department and must show proof of insurance and a valid business license.

Food Vendor Requirements for city of Virginia Beach (pdf)
2-Day Vendor Package (pdf)


These forms are required for each Non-Food vendors.Must show proof of insurance and a valid business license.

Non-Food Vendor Requirements (pdf)
2-Day Vendor Package (pdf)

Load-In Times

Please show up on time as there are other vendors scheduled around your set up. Coordinators will be available for assistance and will have parking arrangements assigned.

OCT 07 FRI: 10am - 5pm
OCT 08 SAT: 7am - 815am
OCT 09 SUN: 7am - 815am 

Note: Health and Fire inspections will begin as early as 8am on Saturday.

Load-Out Times

  • Load out starts at 6pm on Sunday or upon event ending
  • Once you are completely packed up and your tent is clean, then you will be able to get your vehicle.
  • No one is allowed to leave until we inspect your space. Please do not leave anything behind: zip ties, trash, cardboard etc. Please bring a broom so you can sweep your spot.
  • Please know that you may not be able to drive in at the same connector as you loaded in. I will get clearance at to which connector you will be allowed to drive in on.
  • There is a bigger picture out there (traffic, backstage load out, etc.) We will do our best to get you out quickly and safely.


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