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Our event is on OCT 2, 2021!
14 days until Fil Fest 2021!

Rudee Loop Welcomes Miss Fil Fest USA Pageant 2019!

Dear Fil Fest ,

FilFest USA is pleased to announce that we are looking for our Miss FilFest USA, Candidates 2019. FilFest USA on October 26th and October 27th 2019.The event is open and free to the general public at The Rudee Loop, at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It will be a full day of cultural festivities with, The Miss FilFest Pageant USA as part of the entertainment program.

Pageant competition is a way for a girl to enhance their public speaking and also helps in developing your daughter's confidence and self-esteem. They also need time for developing friendships and learning to support their fellow sister. The pageant is here to celebrate our young ladies and the rich Filipino culture of The Hampton Roads. We will have a Preliminary Pageant, which will be held in October 22nd at Philippine Cultural Center and following that the final pageant to be held on October 26h at FilFest at The Rudee Loop.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve your daughters during this special time of The Miss Filfest USA Pageant. As a pageant competitor and crown receiver, I understand and have benefited greatly in my life from the opportunities bestowed through pageantry. Best of luck to all those competing for the crown at Miss FilFest USA.

Tricia Orpilla
Miss FilFest USA Pageant Director


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Tricia Orpilla


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